Friday, June 8

October 2011

October started off with David hurting his knee playing volleyball.  Good thing his mom knows how to take care of us!  Bad news was that it needed some fixing.

We had the usual family trip to Cornbellies to celebrate the Isbell birthdays.  Glen LOVES this place!

Dean started nursery at church--hallelujah!  Unfortunately, he hated it and David had to stay in with him the whole time!

And Glen was a pirate for Halloween.  It's what he wanted to be, and he told me that we had to buy him "a crew!"  Dean didn't dress up because he has a lame mom who knew that he wouldn't know any better. :)

December 2011

We started December off by buying our very first Christmas tree.  We always had a real tree growing up and I loved them, but since we have always traveled to CA for the holidays we never got one before this year.  It was a cold night, but the boys had fun posing with Mater, and they seemed pretty confused when we shoved a big tree into the van between their seats. :)

Glen also got to decorate his first gingerbread house (aka "gentleman" house, as he called it).  He's a pretty cute kid!

We also hosted Schultz Christmas this year.  We ate lots of pizza and opened presents.  It was a fun, loud, crazy night.

2011 was our very first Christmas at home (in Utah).  It was a quiet morning, and the boys had a good time opening the presents.  David and I didn't buy a single thing for each other.  All of that was for the boys!  (P.S. The beautiful real Christmas tree never made it to Christmas day.  It was dying and making a mess of the house, so it got kicked to the curb-literally-on Christmas Eve.)

And we didn't get much of it this winter, but here was one morning of shoveling.  We need to invest in a third shovel, apparently.

Wednesday, December 14

November 2011

November was a crazy month for us.  David and I went on a cruise to the western Caribbean, and had a blast!  We honestly didn't take a single picture, but I promise we went.  In the meantime, my mom and sis-in-law Amanda came up to stay with the kids.  Amanda put together this great collage of their happenings together.

August/September 2011

We spent most of August playing.  We went to the park LOTS and to the pool a few times.  Glen and Dean also are starting to play together more and more each day... and apparently spend a lot of time together standing at the kitchen counter. :)

The weather was still pretty fantastic in September, so we tried to play outside as much as we could.

July 2011

In July, we headed to Vancouver, WA to visit my sister Mindy for the week of the Fourth.  My oldest sister Bekky and my little brother Timmy were also in town, along with my parents who caravaned with us (this was our first major road trip as a family, and it went surprisingly well).  It was a packed house, but we had fun--we went of lots of walks, ate good food, and lit some crazy fireworks.

While in Vancouver, we had a picnic in the park one day and listened to live music while the kids played in the water.

David and I also got a new calling in July to be the Wolf den leaders in Cub Scouts.  This was our first meeting, and it was a crazy pizza party.  Turns out, our unfinished basement is the perfect place for scouts!